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    Connecting the Past and Present

    is your resource and tool kit for producing a crowdsourced, community story project emphasizing audio history and sharing.


    OurStoryBridge is a national project, led by a team of volunteers and implemented at the grassroots level by local libraries, historical societies, museums, and issue oriented organizations, that supports the creation of three- to five-minute, locally created audio stories with related photographs, as well as their online accessibility, by posting them on a website that appeals to both young and old and can be produced at low cost.




    As a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, OurStoryBridge Inc.'s mission is threefold:

    • To be a resource and tool kit for OurStoryBridge projects that preserve and circulate local audio stories past and present through accessible online media;
    • To promote, build, and assist with the deployment of these resources in communities across geographic, cultural, socioeconomic, racial, and organizational strata; and
    • To help strengthen these communities through sharing of their stories, including preserving the stories of older generations before they are lost and encouraging younger generations to become engaged community members.

    We encourage you to lean on our experiences and resources to get you started, as communities and organizations across the country have, and then to innovate on and intuit the process that best fits your needs. We would love to hear back about what worked for you, so we can share it with future OurStoryBridge adopters!