• Why Start an OurStoryBridge Project?

    We all have a story to tell, many stories. Life is a narrative, woven out of experience and emotion. Think of OurStoryBridge as the loom on which the fabric of your community’s narrative comes together. Each thread, each story binds the fabric tighter and tighter, creating intricate linkages between individuals, groups, organizations, events, environments, locales, and more.


    In other words, OurStoryBridge offers a user-friendly framework on which to mount your community’s story project; but the shape this project takes and the content it captures and communicates remain yours to construct. We want to help. OurStoryBridge will guide you through how to collect the nuanced histories of your community, to preserve its stories and pass their characteristic wisdom from mouth to ear by going digital.

  • Potential Impacts An OurStoryBridge Project Can Have On Your Community

    • Create closer bonds between residents and promote connections that lead to neighborly acts of kindness, assistance, and support in times of need.
    • Preserve stories that may be lost if not recorded soon and honor the legacies of your older generations by capturing their stories in their own words.
    • Engage the younger generations to encourage them to remain in or return to their home community after high school, college, trade school, or any number of life’s adventures.
    • Increase civic engagement of our younger residents.
    • Celebrate what makes your community unique, perhaps even famous.
    • Attract new residents and visitors.
    • Reveal pockets of rich histories and connections heretofore unknown or not widely known.
    • Re-ignite a passion for your community archives and/or previously recorded oral histories by translating some onto this new digital platform.
    • Meet your audience where they are: online!
  • Testimonials for Adirondack Community

    “At Keene Central School we have used Adirondack Community stories in the classroom to enhance our lessons with this amazing collection and to provide students with firsthand historical knowledge, including models of local civic engagement.”

    — Brad Hurlburt, KCS Teacher and Liaison
    to Adirondack Community

    “My Adirondack Story gives us all a sense of community. It gives us an appreciation of our community members and their history, which makes us all closer to each other. It is wonderful to save the history of our wonderful community.”

    — Jill Murray

    “It has allowed many people to remember treasured things from their past that center around the Adirondacks. In my case it has renewed a bond in my extended family”

    — Norm Reynolds

    “When I hear an interesting tidbit about our town, I ask, ‘Did you tell it to Jery for the story project?’ Usually they say ‘yes.’”

    — Lorraine Duvall

    “It helps tie the community together through the huge variety of our tales, both past and present."

    — David Thomas-Train

    “It preserves memories that might otherwise be lost."

    — Ellen DuBois

    “I think that the ADK Story project has brought the history of this place back to the present. We have shared memories and history that now, will not be lost."

    — Anne Hurd